PDA - The Polyurea Development Association

Industry: Construction/Materials
About PDA:
PDA is the trade association for the global thick-film high performance elastomer industry. The association was formed in 2000 by leading companies involved in all aspects of the business.

The Association’s focus is the growth of spray applied elastomeric technologies as well as enabling adjacent technologies; to support and promote equal opportunity for all people within the industry, regardless of race, color, religion, sex or national origin; and for any other lawful purpose.

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Association Facts
Reach: 180 Member Companies
Countries Served: 37
Established: 2000
  • The PDA is involved in two seperate industry alliances, PDA Europe and China National Building and Waterproofing Association
  • The PDA holds several training classes each year training individuals about surface preperation and application of polyurea.
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