IMDA - The International Midas Dealers Association

Industry: Automotive
About IMDA:
The IMDA is a cohesive network of single and multiple-shop Midas franchisees advocating “One Voice” for the success and value of the overall Midas system. With roots tracing back to 1971, the IMDA’s foundation encourages the insightful exchange of information between our members and Midas, Inc. Efforts include issues relating to profitability, marketing, operations and supply chain, and keeping the best interests of members on the forefront of all we do to ensure your continued success.

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Association Facts
Reach: 150+ Franchisees
Established: 1971
  • IMDA’s dedicated leaders and members play a critical role in working with Midas, Inc. to address what is important to business owners
  • Midas got it's start in 1956 as 'The Muffler Installation Dealers Associated Service' (M-I-D-A-S)
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